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X.O. x Mac Zo “Villains” [@Porfavorian]

Listen to X.O.’s new track Villains featuring Mac Zo.


“This one is for the Villain$!

LP coming soon!!”

Ben Great “Whatchu Wanna Be” (prod. Beat Brigade)

Listen to Ben Great’s new single Watchu Wanna Be produced by The Beat Brigade. Download this track for free via SoundCloud below.

beat brigade

“Ben Great – “Whatchu Wanna Be” (Prod The Beat Brigade)


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Jawny BadLuck “So I Drive” (prod. Swiff D)

Check out Jawny BadLuck’s new single So I Drive produced by Swiff D. Download this track for free via SoundCloud below.


“Produced by Swiff D

Jawny BadLuck’s latest single off his forthcoming “Just My Luck” project.

Please SHARE with the homies!! #ReTweet#RePost, and bump this joint around your city~

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Hip-Hop Distilled: The Four Types Of Emcees

Hip-Hop is evolving, with west coast influences infusing east coast rap and vice versa. Emcees generally adopt one or more of the following four styles. Which type of emcee is your favorite rapper?

4. All About The Flow

All About The Flow

Rappers in this category may not have lyrical substance, but they have achieved “flow” – combining a catchy rhythm with a catchy tune. A lot of one-hit wonders are all about the flow, and are typically remixed by other emcees. Think Tuesday by I Love Makonnen.

3. All About The Lyrics

All About The Lyrics

The truth is any sentence can be performed with an instrumental on beat (on time). Some emcees do just that. But the best in this category put together extraordinarily clever and creative rhymes. Don’t write these emcees off. Even if their melodies don’t “stick,” their mind-blowing lyrics more than compensate. Think Illmatic by Nas.

2. Remix-Reliant


Some emcees rely solely on remixing popular music, which can gain them broad exposure. If they don’t remix the song entirely, they may use the same flow as a popular hit single, but adapt it and call their version an “original.” Think Mike Stud.

1. Hype-Heavy


Some emcees hype the heavy drama in their lives. The lyrics and the hype surrounding them – focused, for example, on a jail sentence, death threat, or long anticipated project – draw audiences who may otherwise never bother to listen. Think Dr. Dre, whose Detox album may be the most popular album never released.

By Mike Angelo

Gucci Mane ft Rich the Kid x OG Maco “Lowest” [@gucci1017]

Check out Gucci Mane’s new track Lowest featuring Rich the Kid and OG Maco. This joint is tough.


“Produced by Terantino 808 Mafia
Download: www.audiomack.com/song/digital-tra…-kid-x-og-maco-1


G-Eazy “Achievement” (prod. Christoph Andersson) [@G_Eazy]

Listen to G-Eazy’s new track Achievement produced by Christoph Andersson. This joint is straight fire.





Wiz Khalifa “DayToday: Cuttin’ the F up.” [@wizkhalifa]

Check out Wiz Khalifa’s new DayToday: Cuttin the F Up video.


“Blacc Hollywood Big Secret Tour: http://wizkhalifa.com/tour

Meet Wiz on tour and access soundcheck http://smarturl.it/meetwiz

Directed by @WhoIsFrankU
Additional footage @danfolger

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DayToday: Cuttin’ the F up.”


“Pittsburgh Dad At Giant Eagle” [@Pittsburgh_Dad]

Watch Pittsburgh Dad’s new At Giant Eagle episode, and remember to return your movie rentals to Iggle Video.


“We’ve finally released one of our MOST requested episodes: Dad takes the family to the Giant Eagle grocery store! THANK YOU to all the fans that shared their stories, memories, and jokes to make this episode.

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Mayo “I Dont Sell Middies No More” (Makonnen RMX) [@The58s]

Check out Mayo’s new remix of Makonnen’s I Don’t Sell Molly No More – cleverly entitled I Don’t Sell Middies No More. Dude killed this. Download I Don’t Sell Middies No More for free via SoundCloud below.


“”I Dont Sell Middies No More” (Makonnen RMX)
2014 For promo use only”