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6 Reasons Having A Full Time Job Keeps Young Artists Inspired [Article]

6. The More You Experience In Life – The More Genuine Your Inspiration Is


Let’s be honest. Great art – whether it be music, painting, or otherwise is not the product of inspiration drawn for creating the art itself. Genuine human experiences are powerful catalysts in creating the urge to not only start an amazing piece of art, but to finish it with the same intensity you started it with. Having a full time job allows you to encounter different situations that just might stir new emotions and opinions in you that could potentially lead to your best creation yet.

5. Pressure For Your Art To Succeed Can Crush Your Creative Flow

Under Pressure

I look back to when I had the most inspiration to write songs – in high school. I was one busy kid. Between school, girls, sports, and playing important roles in the high school musicals I had very little time or energy to create my own songs. My music was important to me, and there was no pressure financially or otherwise for it to succeed. The pressure was all alleviated by the fact that I had so much else going on in my life. This allowed me to have an extreme amount of fun making song after song. The no pressure situation combined with the inspiration drawn from my extremely busy life led to the creation of some of my most treasured art to date.

4. Time Spent Being Creative Means More When You Have Less Free Time Overall

time for that

I’m a firm believer in working efficiently. To me a mere 2-3 hours of productive creating in the studio a day is all I really need to do. This amount of time a day doesn’t mean as much if the inspiration isn’t there. After a long day of both positive and negative experiences, I can spend those few hours pouring all of my frustrations and opinions into my art. The next thing you know, my imagination takes over, and those few hours fly by in what seems like a blink of an eye.

3. Backup Plan Shmackup Plan – You’re An Artist Even If It Still Is Technically Just Your Hobby

world in hands

If your ideal career is being an artist, that is truly awesome! However, if the money isn’t coming in yet, you owe it to yourself to get out there and be as much of a part of this world as you possibly can. The mind of an artist is a great fit for so many jobs out there. An artists’ emotional IQ is typically a lot higher than the average person. Emotional IQ is arguably more important when it comes to success than regular IQ. Don’t box yourself in to being a career artist just because you’ve been at it for so long. There are so many cool jobs out there. Who knows? You might be the perfect person for a job you didn’t even know existed.

2. More Opportunities To Find Your Muse

my muse my flame

It has been said that every great artist needs a muse to draw inspiration from. How are you going to find yours? Tinder? I don’t think so. Your muse might be waiting for you in the office of that corporate job you’ve been hesitant to take, because you think you’ll be too tired to get any real creating done by the time you get home. Or across the country at an innovative company that could use you, but you don’t want to leave your hometown, friends, and family behind.

1. Shut Your Parents Up!


If you’re a young artist with no full time job then you are almost certainly and consistently getting nagged by your parents to get one. I’m sure all of the reasons your parents give you to do just that have legitimacy. I’m also sure you would love to no longer hear about it from them. Few things kill inspiration more than feeling like you’re letting your family down. So get that resume polished up, and start applying for full time jobs.

Rest assured that there is a full time job out there for you. Who knows? Finding it could be the answer to that nasty creative block you’ve been trying to break through.

By Mike Angelo twitter.com/themikeangelo

CLOCKWORK DJ “CLOCKTWERK” (Prod by Larry Fisherman) [@ClockWorkDJ]

Check out Clockwork DJ’s new ClockTwerk music video. Larry Fisherman did a good job with the production on this one.


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Ash Floyd – Production Manager
Mildlyimpressed Production
Produced by – Larry Fisherman”

“Huey Mack Trains For The Things Change Tour” [@HueyMack]

Watch the Huey Mack Trains For The Things Change Tour video.


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Dyllan Murray x Sean Kingston “Boom Boom” [@SeanKingston]

Peep Dyllan Murray’s new Boom Boom music video featuring Sean Kingston below.


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Mac Miller “Diablo” (Official Teaser) [@MacMiller]

Here’s the teaser for Mac Miller’s new Diablo music video. This teaser is awfully long to be just that. Diablo is an extremely dope song.


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OnCue “Way Too Far” [@OnCue]

Watch OnCue’s new Way Too Far music video. They really got creative with this one.


“taken from the album “Angry Young Man” for free download
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OnCue – Way Too Far
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Directed by: Adam Ross
Edited by: Adam Ross & Chop Suey Cheen
Photography by: Adam Ross
Additional Camera Work: Steven Roberge


mixed by andy wright
mastered by ricardo gutierrez
written, produced & recorded at stadium red studios”

G-Eazy “From the Bay to the Universe Tour” (Trailer) [@G_Eazy]

Check out G-Eazy’s new trailer for the From the Bay to the Universe Tour. He won’t race you to a million, but he’ll do it first.


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Dom Mazzetti “Most Alpha Chest Exercises” [@DomMazzetti]

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JayCeeOh and HIDEthenSEEK’s new remix of Mac Miller’s Insomniak is too dope. Download this track for free via SoundCloud below.







Mike Stud “Tourings Boring 3: Lotta Passion” [@Mike_Stud]

Here’s Mike Stud’s new Tourings Boring 3: Lotta Passion video. It’s hard not to find these episodes entertaining.


“#StudSummer hits the midwest. Lotta passion in the midwest.”

Rich The Kid x I Love Makonnen “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” (Remix)

Listen to Rich The Kids’ new I Don’t Sell Molly No More remix featuring I Love Makonnen. This track is FIRE.


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Dom Mazzetti “Ask The Brofessor 10″ [@DomMazzetti]

Watch Dom Mazzetti’s new Ask The Brofessor 10 video. There are so many quotable lines in this.


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Ben Great “Come With Me” (Prod @TheBeatBrigade x Casino Gotti)

Check out Ben Great’s new single Come With Me produced by The Beat Brigade and Casino Gotti. Download this track for free via SoundCloud below.


“”Come With Me” produced by The Beat Brigade X Casino Gotti is Ben Great’s third single to be released gearing up for his upcoming project dropping later this year.


Wiz Khalifa “DayToday: UTIOM III” (Part Three) [@wizkhalifa]

Peep the third installment of Wiz Khalifa’s DayToday: UTIOM III video series. As per usual – I’m digging the soundtrack.


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G-Eazy “These Things Happen: Endless Summer” [@G_Eazy]

Watch G-Eazy’s new These Things Happen: Endless Summer video. G-Eazy is about to be a global sensation.


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Demrick x Kidd Upstairs “Tone It Down” [@KiddUpstairs]

Listen to Demrick’s new song Tone It Down featuring Kidd Upstairs. Both the beat and the flow are sick in this one. Download Tone It Down for free via SoundCloud below.


“”Tone It Down” features fellow up and comer @KiddUpstairs who also had a hand in the production along with his partners Cali Cleve and Matty Slims (who collectively go under the production name BOATS).

Though this song won’t appear on Demrick’s upcoming indie album Losing Focus (which just received it’s November 4th release date), it’s still a banger for the fans to enjoy in the meantime.”

Big Sean x E40 “I Don’t Fuck With You” [@E40]

Check out Big Sean’s new track I Don’t Fuck With You featuring E40.


Rich the Kid x Johnny Cinco x PeeWee Longway “Why Would U Not” [@IAmRichTheKid]

Check out Rick the Kid’s new track Why Would U Not featuring Johnny Cinco and PeeWee Longway. This is yet another catchy anthem from Rick the Kid.


“Produced by Spiffy

Off KDough x DJ Plugg
Strictly 4 Traps N Trunks 85


Wiz Khalifa “This Plane” (NoSleep Remix) [@nosleepbeats]

NoSleep puts a unique spin on a classic in his new remix of Wiz Khalifa’s song This Plane. I like how NoSleep turned a chill song into a club banger. That’s not an easy task.


“I wanted to try a bay area type track with this one. This is definitely one of my all time favorite Wiz tracks. Comment and let me know what you think!

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